Punchy EQ'd

Jan 18, 2016, Presetron
Line6 Bass PODxt
Note this should not be pushing your speakers to sound like crap, if it is, perhaps your input gain is higher than mine. This is a tone i made years ago and i have made some minor improvements. The AMP controls the compressor onoff. The comp is pretty transparent, but adds a little umph. The AMP serves as a preamp, not doing a whole lot besides adding some bass and treble, the EQ has scooped mids boosted highs and lows, giving an overall clean, punchy sound. The STOMP throws on a bit of gain without distortion, really punchy sound. The MOD is a subtle Flanger, and the DLY is a digital dely set to quarter notes (tap the delay length) and is mixed so that it does not muddy up your sound.


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